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Syzmik Work Wear

Syzmik Work Wear

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Work Wear

Workwear is important in providing the safety required to complete the job.

But why not get the best quality, certified standard work wear that will not only keep you safe, but let you be proud of what you wear while you work?

With Laramy Corp's extensive range of workwear, we can offer a smart, unique and customisable option on top of the standard workwear you are used to, while ensuring that all Australian work standards are maintained.

Dont just work hard, work smart!

Rely On Laramy Corporate Wear For Premium Work Wear. Call 9350 6394 Today!


Whether you’re driving trucks, digging garden beds, moving bricks or jackhammering roads, quality workwear is vital for your employees to not only finish the job, but finish it safely. When it comes to certified standard work wear in Melbourne, Laramy Corporate Wear provides you with gear that will keep you safe – and let you be proud of what you wear.


With our extensive range of work wear, we offer a smart, unique, customizable option on top of the regular workwear you are used to. Laramy Corp has your back – we ensure that all Australian work standards are upheld.


We don’t just provide you with the proper work wear to get the job done. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure our gear holds up when you’re working hard. Our extensive high-vis (including jumpers, vests, long-sleeve shirts and more) will ensure you’ll always be seen on-site – and since we send out straight from our Melbourne store, your work wear will be with you by the next job. and since we send direct from our Melbourne Warehouse, we put in the hard yakka to get your work wear to you by the next job.

Visit our catalogue of Work Wear for more information on specific garments.

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