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ADVATEX Medical Uniforms

ADVATEX Medical Uniforms

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Medical Uniforms

Our range of Clinic Wear, Medical Uniforms, Nurse Uniforms, Doctors Uniforms, Receptionist Uniforms & More!


Introducing our new Healthcare range: ADVATEX


ADVATEX heralds a new era in infection control. Designed specifically for Healthcare and Aged Care environments, ADVATEX limits the spread of bacteria from care giver to patient via their workplace apparel.


The technology behind ADVATEX was developed from the long-proven history that the element silver has a bacteriostatic eff ect.


To create ADVATEX the element Silver has been converted into a Silver Compound, this highly effi cient, microscopic compound is then applied to our textiles via a unique coating procedure. Once coated the ADVATEX fabric is able to not only resist bacteria, but actively eliminate it.


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