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Promotional Products

We aim to supply our clients with a way to outperform and outbrand their competition. Our personalised and fully customisable promotional products can feature your business name, logo, slogan and contact details of your company, allowing you to market through promotional giveaways, brand recognisability and smart innovations.


 Steal the lead from your competitors and promote your business the way you have always wanted!


**NOTE: We supply a vast range of promotional products and can source almost any type of product you can think of. If you cant find what you are looking for from the sample range below just contact us and we will endeavour to source exactly what you are after!


Laramy is also a leading supplier of high-quality promotional products. From carry bags to jellybeans, we’re guaranteed to have everything you need – even to satisfy your most tech-hungry clients with portable speakers and ballpoint pens with the convenience of a built-in USB! Our range also includes:

Business &  Travel Bags

Ballpoint Pens

Thermal Drink Bottles

Promotional Caps


Stubby Holders

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